Why Schedule an ABC?

We pride ourselves on helping you and your business thrive, from formation to finish. A key part of maximizing the success of your business is crisis prevention, as well as refreshing your strategies as the dynamics of your business change. At A Business Law Firm, one of the ways we help to accomplish this is through an ABC: your Annual Business Checkup.

Crisis Prevention:

At A Business Law Firm, we are committed to helping you act in the best interest of your business. This includes not only legal intervention when a crisis does occur, but efforts to prevent crises altogether.

Individualized Strategies for Success:

Beyond protection and crisis prevention, we hope to help promote success throughout the lifetime of your business. This may include counsel regarding corporate structures, operating agreements, business-related legal updates, international and economic development, tax appeals and credits, employment, finances, or any other legal needs and questions you may have. This program is designed to help you strategize the best operations specifically for your business.

Setting Up Your ABC Meeting:

Annual business checkups are scheduled by appointment after taxes have been filed with you, the officers of your corporation, and an attorney. Give us a call at 864.699.9801 to schedule your appointment.

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