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Trademark Law

In Spartanburg, South Carolina

A business does not need to register trademarks or service marks to obtain rights to them. Instead, all they need to do is start using them in connection with their business. However, registration has many advantages. It gives everyone in the nation notice that the mark is yours, and you can bring litigation to federal court to halt infringement.

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Ra'na Heidari

Are you interested in a trademark for your business?

By registering a federal trademark with the USPTO, other people or organizations cannot legally use your intellectual property without your permission so that you can protect your brand’s reputation.

A trademark helps ensure that your company’s name, logo, and even specific design features of your manufactured items are only used in ways you approve. Our attorneys will help you to complete your trademark application with the USPTO, determine the appropriate classes of goods and services for your mark or wordmark, and follow up in the event of non-office action responses from the USPTO. Contact Us to Make an Appointment!