How To Properly Sign Your Name

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Once you have made the decision to become an LLC or a Corporation, it is important to make sure you follow the corporate formalities in order to protect your personal assets.  One thing all business owners need to know how to properly do as a business owner is sign their name. A way to pierce the corporate veil, which means have your personal assets liable, is to sign your own name without reference to the business.  

When you are a member of an LLC, your signature on any LLC documentation should represent the fact you are a member. It should be signed as John Doe, Member of John Doe Construction, LLC.  If you are signing on behalf of your corporation, it should be signed as John Doe, President of John Doe Construction, Inc. It is always important to have your signature done properly and to add the LLC or Inc. at the end of your company’s name, as to give notice you are a business entity. 

If you have questions on following the corporate formalities or want us to review your corporate book and records, please give us a call to schedule a consultation at 864-699-9801. 

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