Cybersecurity: Protecting your Business

Instilling a cybersecurity protocol for your business helps to protect your internal systems and networks from exposure of private information, as well as mitigates threats of theft or damage to your hardware, software, and electronic data systems.

For these reasons, every business needs a cybersecurity plan in place. The following are important first steps for instilling safe cyber practices for your business:

  1. Developing an incident response plan: Having a practical procedure in place for security teams and relevant employees is critical when a security threat occurs. This ensures the event is handled in a timely manner, protecting you and any affected parties. Furthermore, this offers legal recourse and protection in the event that a customer or client’s information has been compromised. Depending on the circumstances of your business, you may decide to have an internal incident response team or hire a third-party. 
  2. Firewall: A firewall is a set of related programs that protects private or sensitive data from outside attackers. In today’s age especially, it is important to ensure that employees working remotely have a firewall system enabled.
  3. Backups: All important data should be backed up and stored safely on a regular basis. Many software offers automatic data backups. 
  4. Effective password protection: Requiring unique passwords and updating them often is key to protecting accounts from security threats. Installing multi-factor authentication for your accounts is an extra step to maintaining the safety of your data. Most secure vendors offer this tool, and it is best to ensure these procedures are in place.
  5. Authorized access: Use of equipment such as physical computers and laptops, payment cards, Wi-Fi networks, and mobile devices should be limited to necessary employees, and their job, only.

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